Training is every Sunday from 4-6pm at Hands Up Studios in Voorhees Township, NJ. Please use the map to the right for directions. There are no membership contracts to sign. Training fee is $10 per class or $40 per month per person. Cash only, please.

We do not train for contests or competitions. We train for the express purposes of personal development and protecting life.

Our training is for adults only. Exceptions are sometimes made for students aged 15-17 on a one-on-one basis and done with parental approval. Parents must attend at least the first class for a formal meeting before being accepted into our training.

As a new student, you are not required to have a uniform or other training equipment, but if you wish to continue training then you will be responsible for attaining the proper attire and equipment.

If you are interested in training, please contact us ahead of time to let us know that you would like to attend. Speaking with us beforehand ensures class is being held on that particular day and also allows us time to speak with you should you have any questions.

All students are required to adhere to the Guidelines for Participation in the Bujinkan.