Bujinkan Tabiji Dojo


When and Where

Classes are held every Sunday from 4-6pm. We are located at 110 Trenton Ave, Suite 3, Barrington, NJ. Please see the map below for more information and directions.

What to Expect

We do not train for contests or competitions; we train for the express purposes of personal development and protecting life.

Our training is for adults only. Exceptions can be made for students aged 15-17 on an individual basis and with parental approval. Parents must attend at least the first class for a formal meeting before being accepted into our training.

Everyone trains together regardless of rank or skill level; there are no beginniner or black belt only classes. This gives new students the benefit of working with more experienced practitioners, provides the more experienced students a chance to refine their basics and maintain sound fundamentals through helping others, and allows everyone exposure to both basic and advanced concepts and principles. This methodology is preferable to segmented classes and, as a whole, our students generally grasp core concepts more quickly and effectively.

As a new student, you are not initially required to have a uniform or other training equipment, but if you wish to continue training then you will be responsible for attaining the proper attire and equipment.

Rank testing is available to students who are interested in obtaining official status with the Bujinkan Hombu Dōjō, but is not required. Those who do not wish to receive rank are still perfectly welcome to train with us.

What You Will Learn

  • Junan Taisō (strength and flexibility)
  • Ukemi (injury prevention)
  • Taijutsu (body movement)
  • Sanshin no Kata (fundamental solo training exercises)
  • Kihon Happō (foundational fighting scenarios)
  • Kata and Henka (advanced fighting scenarios and variations)
  • Weapons and Tools:
    • Edged weapons (swords, knives)
    • Staff, pole, and halberd weapons (rokushakubō, jō, hanbō, yari, naginata, bisentō)
    • Flexible weapons (kusari fundō, kyoketsu shoge)
    • Traditional ninjutsu tools (tessen, shuriken, kunai, shuko, metsubushi)
  • Self Defense, Ethical Warriorship, and Protection of Others

Come Train With Us

If you are interested in training, please contact us ahead of time to let us know that you would like to attend. Speaking with us beforehand ensures class is being held on that particular day and also allows us time to speak with you should you have any questions.

All students are required to adhere to the Guidelines for Participation in the Bujinkan.

Bujinkan Tabiji Dōjō
110 Trenton Ave, Suite 3, Barrington, NJ 08007
(856) 322-2889

Teaching sword basics - Bujinkan Tabiji Dojo Teaching sword basics.
Bujinkan Tabiji Dojo Instructor Josh Sager Instructor Josh Sager (left) demonstrating body alignment and structure to a student.
Demonatrating a Takagi Yōshin Ryū kata - Bujinkan Tabiji Dojo Demonstrating a Takagi Yōshin Ryū kata.
Instructor Josh Sager teaching the technique Musha Dori - Bujinkan Tabiji Dojo Instructor Josh Sager teaching a variation of the technique Musha Dori.