About Us

The Bujinkan Tabiji Dōjō was created to fill a geographic void for classical Japanese martial arts training in southern New Jersey. In Japanese, Tabiji (旅路) means "a journey," and the name was chosen to represent that our art is more than a collection of techniques; it embodies a philosophy of moving through life and cultivating the skills necessary to protect not only ourselves, but others as well.

Uke Nagashi

Our system of budō (武道 — martial art) has been refined through a lineage spanning over 1,000 years. The principles and techniques that survived to the present day were once used to save someone’s life. As a result, our martial art contains a wide variety of skills, including:

  • injury prevention
  • kicking
  • punching and striking
  • grappling and escaping holds
  • traditional and improvised weapons training
  • protecting self and others

We maintain a direct connection to the source of our art through Jack Hoban’s Buyū Dōjō (武友道場 — "Warrior Friends") network and Sōke (Grandmaster) Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi’s Bujinkan (武神館 — "Divine Warrior") organization in Japan.

We reinforce instruction by examining both traditional and modern self- and others-protection applications. Though our lineage dates back over a very long time, the principles passed down to us through our teachers are as applicable today as they were so long ago.

These are the driving forces behind the “how and why” of our system.

Tabi Original calligraphy of 'Tabi' by Sōke Hatsumi Masaaki.
Personal collection.
Practicing strikes